Performing Arts Programs

Classes at Project Performing Arts offer quality instruction and performance opportunities to children and teens, ages 4 to 17. All age and developmentally appropriate classes are taught by professional teaching artists, and dance educators.

At PPA, the curriculum of diverse Saturday classes provides instruction in a nurturing environment that foster a child’s curiosity and exploration. Classes provide opportunities for children to identify their talent and potential by offering creative experiences and fostering challenging skill development. 



From the age of Pre-K to pre-professional teens, students are taught that the spirit of dance should not be contained. Developing technique and the performance quality of its movement begins in the first class. Under the instruction of PPA Instructors, dance students: 

  • explore the elements of Shape, Energy, Space and Time
  • acquire basic dance vocabulary
  • earn fundamental technique
  • gain a solid technical foundation for continued development

This is accomplished through classes in Ballet, Modern, Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, and West African Dance. These diverse offerings of classes afford students the opportunity to develop discipline and commitment to their craft, and to strive for excellence. Our wish is for them to experience the joy of performing all movement while dancing boldly. 

Class Offerings:

  • Dance Movers
  • First Position
  • Pre- Ballet
  • Ballet Fundamentals
  • Ballet/Beginner Pointe
  • Beginner West African Dance
  • West African Community Class
  • Beginner Jazz
  • Jazz
  • Pre-Tap *New Class! 
  • Beginner Tap
  • Beginner Hip Hop
  • Teen Hip Hop
  • STEP *New Class!


Theater Arts

Theater Arts classes at Project Performing Arts are fun, and developmentally age appropriate affording children and teens the opportunity to explore theater while providing the framework for them to discover their natural talents. Through the use of improvisations, monologues/scripts and performance activities students develop basic understanding of theater arts and performance skills. Under the instruction of PPA instructors, theater students 

  • learn the basic elements of acting
  • gain an understanding of basic terminology
  • explore characters, and scene development 
  • enjoy the excitement and vibrancy of singing, acting and dancing in musical theater 

Our wish is for them to experience the respect and appreciation for the diversity of what theater arts offers while developing self-confidence and a collaborative spirit as a young actor.   

Class Offerings:

  • Theater Elements
  • Building the Actor
  • Musical Theater Short Sessions *New Class!



Drumming classes at Project Performing Arts offer consistent training in traditional and non-traditional beats and rhythmic structures. Each class develops a child’s listening skills and gives them an understanding and respect for collaboration while learning to play as an ensemble. We provide kids an appreciation of the historical and cultural perspective of traditional West African rhythms. Students will learn:

  • basic drumming foundation and skills for future study
  • ability to create pitch and dynamics of the particular instrument

Classes are taught by professional musicians and supported by master drummers. 

Class Offerings:

  • Drums & Songs
  • Bucket Drumming
  • Djembe & DjunDjun


Drums and Songs Class