PPA KIDS Summer Arts

PPA KIDS Summer Arts is a 6-week fun filled arts enrichment program for children ages 6 through 12. PPA KIDS offers three, 2-week sessions of dance, theater arts and music classes. All activities engage children in the discovery and exploration of artistic self-expression and creativity.

Classes can include a combination of West African/Afro-Caribbean Dance, West African Drumming, Bucket Drumming, Creative Movement, Hip Hop, Musical Theater Dance, Theater Games, Improvisation, Scene Study, Monologues and Writing, Prop and Scene Design, and Chorus classes. The week's activity also include Arts & Crafts, Gym, The Good Deeds Project, Afternoon Clubs, Healthy Snacks Creation and Fun Wednesday Trip days.

The PPA Creative Team consist  of Head Counselors with Teaching Artists ... Performers, and Visual Artists .. with the assistance of Summer Youth Employment Program Teen Assistants. At Project Performing Arts, we believe that PPA KIDS Summer Arts offers an opportunity for children to explore the performing arts, feed a curiosity about the arts or discover a hidden talent. This experience also offers the SYEP Teen Assistants entry into the world of employment with a mentoring program. The responsibilities required of the participants provide opportunities of engagement that teach the qualities of professionalism; good work ethics, team effort, dependability, self-motivation and the importance of developing good communication skills. 

At PPA KIDS Summer Arts, everyone experiences the performing arts together in a nurturing environment. 

PPA KIDS WILL BE ON hiatus for summer 2019. Please join us for PPA KIDS Summer 2020.